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Safarnama Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht

Safarnama Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht

Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht

Readership / Level

General readers, Urdu scholars and researchers, the readers of Sufic discourses and hagiographic literature.

Use in Universities and colleges

The book should be prescribed as supplementary reading for graduate and post-graduate courses.


The Safarnama-e Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht is one of the foundational Sufi texts in Urdu that document in the form of a travelogue the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial wanderings and adventures of Makhdoom Syed Jalaluddin Jahanian Jahangasht (c.1192-1291 AD) conducted within his inner self. The Urdu translation of this classic work of Sufic literature is being reprinted in a modern, scholarly edition using the 1899 edition as the source text.

About the Author / Editor

Syed Jalauddin Bukhari popularly known as Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht was one of the more influential Sufi saints of the Suharwardiya Sufi order who lived in the thirteenth century. He is buried at Ucchh Sharif, Multan.

Ajmal Kamal is the editor of Aaj – the pre-eminent Urdu journal of world literature and ideas that he launched in 1981. He has translated and edited anthologies of Hindi, Persian and Arabic stories. His numerous translations into Urdu include works of international fiction, poetry, criticism and political and social analyses. He was made an Ashoka Fellow in 2002. He is the Series Editor for OUP’s Urdu classical literature.